Are you aware of your consciousness?

Are you aware of your consciousness?

You could prove your consciousness is separate of the functioning of your brain, IF it could exist without physical processes. Good luck in that.

You will find, it is impossible to have consciousness without physical processes. Why? Because of the way that the actual stimuli and their responses are causing us to have anything to be aware of.

Consciousness, or awareness, means nothing more than: ‘being able to respond to’. In other words, a single-cell organism is aware of barely anything. That is why it can do barely anything. Still it responds to stimuli on the level that its complexity allows (Pressure change, temperature change, lack of food).

Multi-cellular organisms have (depending on its species) more awareness of change in its surrounding. For instance: Pain receptors, or temperature receptors. Almost all complex-cellular organisms have a neural center that processes the different signals from receptors in a layered manner. This is what we call the nervous system. In vertebrates, this system has developed pretty similar in most species. Every animal is aware of its surrounding, depending on the amount of senses it has (sensible receptors, but senses is shorter). These senses have, through generations, been specialized at receiving a specific type of stimuli. Some for the electromagnetic spectrum we call light. Others for pheromones or aerosols. Some have tasks almost indistinguishable, yet for different speed and reasons. The skin has nerve endings for pain/heat/touch signals, the tongue for chemical imbalances, like the nasal cavities.

With worms and insects the signals from such senses go to nerve-knots. With vertebrates to the brain/neural center.