Evolution of human understanding

History is over. We have seen it, we can make our review on it. Human awareness has grown since its ‘conception’ (or emerging from the grey goo called our brain). We have stumbled and have fallen. Have risen and fought for our sanity. We have (well, not you and I mind you) dragged ourselves through an initial hardship of infancy, where we had to learn how to operate our conscious with only nature as our parent. It went so-so. We made some invisible friends, and with no adult guidance, we kept to those ideas, like children do when not corrected.

But like everything that evolves, even the automated effects in the mind caused the social and psychological constructs of it to recognize that keeping to non-existing things would kill the species faster. Well, that and the fact that curiosity causes humanity to thrive for answers. So, even through figuring that someone believed in a deity, they wanted to ‘prove’ its existence and in that process actually came to conclusion it doesn’t (that is what good science can do). Basically the scientific method emerged from the need to either figure out how this (arbitrary) deity worked, or how the rest of the world worked, so humanity could ‘tool’ it.

Flick of the two sided blade
Humanity is at a threshold, like it is every day of its existence. Because of its diversity, there are still two things on its evolution agenda.
1. The ever receding superstition (fear of the unknown. Thus when known, less fear, less gods).
2. The issue that science was a step, but when conducted by humans, it is still influenced by emotions and instinctive behavior that caused superstition.
See, while much of the non-scientific world fights a war on the sanity of the mind, the scientific world finds itself on the brink of ‘escaping’ its own superstition level.
Like Alchemy was a half brew between religious rituals and methodology, the standard model seems to be a construct that has led to quantum physics, but now a problem arises. The standard model is all the observed. Science can only measure the observed. Math can make models of concepts, based on a piece of information from the observed, but eventually the brick wall of progress will be hit (or the pit of infinity depth). See, there isn’t so much a limit to what we can calculate, because frankly there isn’t. But there is a limit to usefulness, without the proper tools.

Blunt force trauma
In my opinion, humanity hit a wall. It has to first finalize the understanding of self and how its ‘self’ resides in this reality. If you have read my previous #AoS post, you will understand what I am aiming at.
In the non-scientific community, we are in a predicament, where individuality of humanity is both the strength and the weakness. The fact that each individual can be influence (and always is) by other individuals and group dynamics, and the psychology of indoctrination at young age causes individuals that are simply unable to remove all instinctive behavior from their system without severe emotional and cognitive trauma. This results in a worldwide shift of paradigm where those that are religiously ‘bound’ out of fear lash out at those that have evolved beyond that superstition (and to protect their ‘own group’, will lash out at anything a thread, so other groups with different superstitious ideas just the same).
But what about the science world? Is the science world free from such conflicts?
NO. Simply because in science, again, we are talking about individuals with their own indoctrination (or lack of it), dogmas, preferences, emotions and character traits. But also about groups that have ventured into specific fields of investigation, hoping (emotion) to find that one thing nobody else did yet. But also trying to prove their own findings, often forgetting that (like Stephen Hawking) you should also try to disprove your own findings. Now they arrived at a point, where they have to take a next step. Remove the emotion, not only from the method, but from the interpretation too.

But the problem is, how to go about that. Can they go beyond the fear and hopes? Can they remove the human element from science? The pure scientific method, or the something new?

Decision Tree Model

The decision tree model takes the following theoretical bases.

The three layers

The neural response system of humans exist of the following three layers. (You might recognize something of the Triune brain in this, though I can honestly say, I didn’t know about that until I was searching for an image for this article: ‘Three layers of brain’)

  1. Instinctive behavior
    Either by genetic blueprint or attained through learning, any organism will adapt to recurring patterns to prevent it from danger. The genetic part is of course hard to change, but the ‘tree’ of choices (I call it the decision tree), the response mechanism of most mammals is automated. Meaning, if something gives an impulse, especially repeatedly, that causes a positive or negative reaction to the nervous system, it will become an instinctive behavior to move to or from such stimulus.
  2. Emotional behavior
    Mammals and especially primates (being very recognizable to us), being differentiated in group sizes and survival mechanisms because of that, have empathic abilities to survive in social groups. But we also see emotional behavior in strong generational cohesion. Where offspring is heavily dependent on parents, we see the equivalent of our own emotions within such ‘family’. These emotional behaviors have different reasons. 1. they cause automatic bonding, dependency. 2. they cause mimicking of behavior (we have seen this behavior between species even, remember the stories of Tarzan, or Romulus and Remus?). 3. they set a path for pattern recognition within the nervous system. Certain key values which change with each generation to ensure possible survival. The emotional layer, can be seen as a ‘neural’ filter level.
  3. Cognitive behavior
    With awareness comes the growth to conceptualization in communication. Because we are instinctive, emotional beings, but also self aware and sometimes differ in meaning of emotion, we need a way to explain when an emotional behavior is not meant as a threat, etc. You could call it a protocol equivocation behavior. These concepts are starting with leveling of emotional responses between the self and others (independent of species), but evolve through a process of emotional impulses to stimuli and responses within relations and our interactions with the world around us into cognitive structures of words, representations and a general worldview.

Intrinsic accumulation

The layers work accumulative, where instinctive is built up from two different influences: Genetic inheritance and developmental alteration (learning). The emotional layer is a constructed layer depending on the complexity of the organism and the amount of instinct branches. The cognitive layer depends on both underlying layers but (as we can see in different human individuals) can work independent of them.

Current, tide and flow

All processes within the organism (whether human or otherwise) are based on simple building blocks that exist in

nature. The physical economy depends on the existing concentrations of minerals within the available solution (water). This does not ends with the intestines, blood-vessels and muscle tensions of an organism, but also in more intrinsic parts and effects within the body. Even the most sophisticated patterns like our nervous system are build on these same principles.

Micro, Meso and Macro nature and culture

As well as the building blocks, the development and processes of both nature, species and culture (social extension of groups of species), are based on such equal principles. This means that taking the basic evolution of a natural process, this can be translated into a process within a species, as well as into the working of a social construction.

Fear first, eat later

All and every behavior that is correctly addressed, can be retraced to the most basic stimuli and responses of nature. All and every organism is in base principle primed to prevent harm to self. Instinct is based on the equivalent of fear, all the way to the first ancestral organism. In this progression, all instincts based on survival have the initial response to the digestion of food.

Be neutral not shallow

All processes in nature, as well as within organisms (if you have read the above correctly this is a no brainer for you), seek a neutral shift. This means that concentrations are diffused, levels are equalized.


The ‘commersocial’ media

<Dear friend> It has to do with self-acknowledgment andprivacy. The post I did just a bit before explains how we are being forced into a corporate led environment where the sense of self control becomes more and more illusionary. Imagine yourself to stop Facebook, what is the first real emotion you have? Is it regarding pride? No, likely it is rather a fearful reaction. For some it will be ‘what will others think of me leaving’, for me it was ‘but what if I want to keep track?’, but it all boils down to the same thing. We aren’t really afraid of losing connection with others, we are afraid others won’t SEE us anymore. You won’t get likes on a post any more, you can’t share feelings or a picture you hold dear anymore. To get a response from someone, you will have to go to someone physically and show them, or send them by mail or other mean.

In Facebook, G+ and other social media, you share the item with ‘family’ and ‘friends’, but what do you really do? You share it with the ‘world’. That world isn’t just more working, but actually a whole machinery of money laundring.

Consider this:

– Do you know what it costs to keep a server (physical or virtual, which is just more data on one physical server) running?
– Do you know what the costs are of the software to run a server?
– Do you know what the costs are for maintaining the server?
– Do you know what the building, updating and changing of the software costs?
– Do you know what the legal advice and checks and defenses cost?

All these will amount to thousands and quickly, taking the size of the platform right now, into millions. But what do you pay?

Exactly nothing!

But actually you do. Your life has become a means of payment. Because sharing the data of your life doesn’t only allow Facebook to tell companies what you like, but the thing is, that it can even mold you into liking what it wants. This process of Neurolinguistic programming isn’t new, it is actually what many marketeers learn. But here we are in an era where everyone wants and ‘needs’ to share. Where all companies need to address efficient groups…and need those groups to grow…efficiently.

To exist or not to exist, is that is a question?

What Has Existed before the Universe?

The Universe is all of space and time[a] and their contents,[9] including planetsstarsgalaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. While the spatial size of the entire Universe is still unknown,[3] it is possible to measure the observable universe. [From Wikipedia]

to have actual being; be:The world exists, whether you like it or not. [From Dictionary.com]

“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

So, you ask what existed before existence?

Post Hoc

Guess what? Before existence, many imply non-existence (We have a 0 in our numbers, which is an empty collection, but this is simply conceptualizing). Though this is impossible, there was no ‘before’. This has nothing to do with the cause – effect state, but simply because we know things (though some have postulated ‘virtual particles’) don’t come INTO existence (again, this shows lack of understanding of logic and reality, as something coming IN would have to come ‘out’ of somewhere else. We know magic doesn’t exist and even if it did, it had to hold to the fabric of spacetime and thus the laws of physics).

Causal dependency

To elaborate why there was no ‘before existence’:

Time is the only measurement to use in the ‘before and after’ setting (unless meant spatial, duh). But what is time…how do we actually experience time and how does time relate to anything humans don’t experience? Like the 13.8 billion years you didn’t exist (woah woah, you said nothing comes into existence and now I didn’t exist? Yes, exactly. Though all the material you are existed, you did not. Hold that thought, because it is imperative to understand the state of the universe). Time is the measurement between change.

Uncertain configuration

From the very beginning of the current configuration of the universe (lets say ‘lifespan’), time has moved forward. BUT we know time doesn’t move at the same speed everywhere. We know that time moves faster where ‘gravity’ is higher. But what is gravity? Gravity is the movement (force/energy) of particles/waves that cause fields around it to move in a certain direction. So…the more matter, the more particles/waves that spin, the more inert energy, thus the more gravity. Because time is measured in change/movement (towards entropy), there is a requirement. There is a need for something to change, to have moments between one state to another. if there is no particle then there is no change, then there is little to no time (remember, light is energy/matter too). Imagine there is no matter/energy at all…what is there that would be able to change? To …be time? Nothing. So, they are implicitly connected. Without the universe, there is no time possible.

Charged Frequency

But…what is the situation with our universe and its ‘beginning’? Well…imagine that we know that change is what is happening from the very start of the universe. In our human words we say it was immeasurably hot. But what does that mean? That means that the frequency of energy was so high, it would burn anything we know to exist as matter. That is why there was no matter yet. But energy can not stay that state for long, so as it moved away from itself (I know, sounds weird), it slowed down and energy turned into matter. Very rudimentary, but as matter and energy meets and matter and matter meets, they form new complexity of elements. Like each element has a different charge/electron amount. Eventually atoms gained cohesion causing molecules of more complexity to exist.

Cool it, you are dead wrong

All the while the universe cooled down and the end state will be where there is no change anymore in the universe. Though I think this moment will only be a fraction of a …well…some length of time very short, causing all condensed cooled down matter to explode into another life…as such…you might consider the only thing that actually can really rebirth, is the universe. In that sense…before the universe (as we know it now) there was the universe.

What is there to see?

Accepting what can be observed is something very different from accepting what can be seen. Ask a blind person..heck, even a color blind person. A deaf person, a mute person or a tactile inpaired person.

The identity is a complex combination of continuous impulses from our senses and the feedback system of our overcapacity in our brain (prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, etc). We observe and build a reliance on the combined input from the world outside. Depending on the level of logic in cause and effect we have been taught, we are able to decide what is real and what is not. The same way a fly will move towards food with deliberation, simply because its instincts (inherited) tell it that that will give it chance on survival. Humans are little different from instinctive ancestors, we still are 80% or more instinctive. However, we do have the selfawareness that gives us the ability to question the world around us. Because at first we do not understand causality, at young age we infer our internal working on the working of the world around us. ‘Stupid chair’, ‘Yes that vase fell by itself! I didn’t push it!’. But as we learn how cause and effect works and we understand that we can logically deduct the outcome of an action, we start to recognize the ‘laws of nature’. This is how we deduct that when all senses agree with each other and what we observe doesn’t differ from the expected outcome, there is no reason to use cognitive effort to infuse different magical values. Like…wow…that door opened when I pushed it, perhaps there is a leprichaun behind it that opened it for me at exactly the same moment, even though I don’t see it and have no reason to think anyone would actually open a door without reason or corporal ability.

We accept that the world is what we see, as we know (humanity developed science to investigate beyond the physical abilities of observation) that there is more, but that which we don’t see, doesn’t differ from the working that we do see.

Gaming industry is breaking down

In this time and age, games are the bomb. People around the world are fighting the same war, against biological agents, virii. People are forced to stay at home and communicate only by digital means (imagine we would have had COVID-19 in the ’80…true it couldn’t, it would have been COVID-80, but still). We get to play more games on consoles, phones and pc’s than ever before! So that would mean the gaming industry is booming, right?! No…

Though there are plenty of great new titles, the cracks in the fabric of the virtual reality are becoming visible. One of those cracks is (and I say this with pain in my heart, as the franchise has been one of my favorites since the beginning) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

How it is even possible that this game got past testing phase, is a miracle to me (and I don’t believe in miracles, so that says something).

Though AC:Odyssey isn’t alone in this, it shows that there is a limit to what the current status quo is able to deliver over time and cost. Lets quickly look at what games are and what games mean to people:

Games in general are a simplified activity of reality. Football is simply a warring match without death (Usually). Chess is politics without words. Pac-man is hide and seek in a two dimensional maze. And so on. The effect on human emotion and psyche can be extensive and diverse. One gets fun out of watching a match of soccer, the other can’t wait to kick the ball himself. One can see the intrinsic limited solutions to a chess match, another is trying to figure out why a bishop has a large mouth (it’s his hat, but I didn’t know that when I was a kid) and a horse can jump with no legs. It is all about the meta-physics of the game against the real world. We don’t like a game if it resembles real life too much. Then it isn’t a game anymore.

The experience people have with games, heavily depend on why you play a game. If you play patience/solitaire, you don’t expect goblins jumping from behind the cards on your screen. You don’t expect a ‘you died’ red blood dripping message, nor do you want to hear the sound of racing cars whooshing by. You are simply enjoying the chance to number to card ratio to try and hope your way through the stack of cards. And if you can’t finish it, you restart. This experience is relieving. When you play a 3D haunted mansion, with a pick-axe, you are betting your nerves. You know your not gonna be killed, but are going to be annoyed as hell, if the door opens and a big slimey zombie smacks you to the floor and that message ‘you died’ drips on your screen.

Each of the before mentioned games are great. They are simple, or more complex, but the more complex they are, the more you, as a player, want things to depend on your ability to transfer your commands to the game. If you press jump, you want your character to jump. When you click a card, you want the card to animate and turn, flip, move, fly, burn, or what not. When that doesn’t happen at the moment it is expected, it takes you out of the moment of the game. The moment of the escape from reality. The moment of being in control. This is bad. Can happen, but it is bad. The more time a developer puts into making a game, the bigger the claims lay on the expectations of a game. Now we get to the cracks in the metaverse called game-industry.

Some of the better dialog in the game.

Ubisoft, the creator of great games, like a whole bunch of Tom Clancy games, but also most of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, showed its limits when delivering Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Why? Because it fails at the most important part of being an ‘assassin’ in an Assassin’s Creed game: FIGHTING and STEALTH. If a company poured millions of dollars in creating a new skin for a game that has been done over and over, you should expect a polished game, where you can jump, roll, run, climb, stab and grab. Is this all possible? Yes…and no…After buying the ultimate edition two years after its release, I would expect any bugs or issues that would be obvious, to be …eradicated. Nothing is further from the truth. 2 years after the fact, the game feels unfinished, quickly set up and has several huge play issues: climbing controls are easy, yet often clumsy to below the mediocre. Often you find a ledge where your character simply doesn’t want to go up and jumps off…into death, or…you sneak up (yeah that is what Assassins do) on an enemy and take your bow, see the red bar saying, if you shoot now, it will be instant kill, to see the arrow hit the enemy, he brushes it off without any damage and you are running for your life with 10 enemies after you. Well…you could say karma, but still…that is not what you would expect in a game… This is about the game-play, but imagine you run up to a NPC (non-playable-character) and get a mission: Go there and get me the stuff. You come back with the stuff: and you say: yes, that’s it. All of it. Or you go kill two dude/dudettes, come back: yes, I got all of them. or you go break something: yes, lets say they will have a hard time fixing it together again. No problem…but if it is the only line you reply in EACH and everyone of the missions…it gets tedious the second time around already. These are three things that seriously take the wind out of enjoying the game, even two years after its release. Assassin’s Creed Origin had other issues, but they were depending on player choices, not on the engine that runs your actions.

Lucky for Ubisoft, it isn’t the only publisher running into games that are too big even for them to handle. But in this case they are on the far end of the stick I hold. And I didn’t even start about their change in UELA for the 1st of September 2020 yet.

(Images in this article are from the Ubisoft released E3 Fan Kit)