The ‘commersocial’ media

The ‘commersocial’ media

<Dear friend> It has to do with self-acknowledgment andprivacy. The post I did just a bit before explains how we are being forced into a corporate led environment where the sense of self control becomes more and more illusionary. Imagine yourself to stop Facebook, what is the first real emotion you have? Is it regarding pride? No, likely it is rather a fearful reaction. For some it will be ‘what will others think of me leaving’, for me it was ‘but what if I want to keep track?’, but it all boils down to the same thing. We aren’t really afraid of losing connection with others, we are afraid others won’t SEE us anymore. You won’t get likes on a post any more, you can’t share feelings or a picture you hold dear anymore. To get a response from someone, you will have to go to someone physically and show them, or send them by mail or other mean.

In Facebook, G+ and other social media, you share the item with ‘family’ and ‘friends’, but what do you really do? You share it with the ‘world’. That world isn’t just more working, but actually a whole machinery of money laundring.

Consider this:

– Do you know what it costs to keep a server (physical or virtual, which is just more data on one physical server) running?
– Do you know what the costs are of the software to run a server?
– Do you know what the costs are for maintaining the server?
– Do you know what the building, updating and changing of the software costs?
– Do you know what the legal advice and checks and defenses cost?

All these will amount to thousands and quickly, taking the size of the platform right now, into millions. But what do you pay?

Exactly nothing!

But actually you do. Your life has become a means of payment. Because sharing the data of your life doesn’t only allow Facebook to tell companies what you like, but the thing is, that it can even mold you into liking what it wants. This process of Neurolinguistic programming isn’t new, it is actually what many marketeers learn. But here we are in an era where everyone wants and ‘needs’ to share. Where all companies need to address efficient groups…and need those groups to grow…efficiently.