Human architecture – inventing the ‘wheel’

Human architecture – inventing the ‘wheel’

So, using humanity as a principle, how does that work?

Well, as a person who likes to ‘normalise’ things as much as possible, I see things as entities.

What is the prime entity for care?

You can imagine that from my point of view, this is a human being (or living being if you will, taking the level above just humans). A human is the driving force, the central measurement, main subject and actual linchpin concerning his/her health. A human is even a part of the health of humanity. Like a cell is a part of the health of a body. As is the behavior of a human of influence of the health of his environment. But more important, every human, whether they are living their lives, or living to improve other people’s lives, are looking from themselves as a perspective.

How would that be visualised?

Well, for one: The center element is the life of a person (lets keep it to human health care for now). A person, with history, future, current state, body, mind and environment.

Great, so now you have the base of a human life…so…er…how are we going to incorporate that in a system for health care?

Imagine someone goes to a physician or hospital.

In the above image, you can also identify the ‘group’ identity. An individual hardly ever lives entirely alone (or should never). Such group has the same characteristics as a accumulation of the individuals it is comprised of.

A health institute doesn’t really deals with the individual as such, but rather a part of its sympthoms. Institute is a very broad item here: Local doctor, physician, physiotherapist, psychiater, psychologist, pathologist, etc. Especially if you incorporate the connection the group the individual is part of. Imagine pandemics, epidemics, forensics, etc.

Why would you want to change the setup? Can’t you just adjust the existing systems?

I honestly don’t know whether they can, but I think it is important to have an architecture worked out that takes the honest and right approach towards the ownership and entity base of information.