I qualify! I actually qualify!

Yes you heard it here first. I qualify for improving my planning. Yes, seriously, you might not have though I would, but I DO!

I have been trying and trying to change my habit of procrastination. Wrote articles about it, writing articles about anything, but still only marginally changing my behavior. So what?! Well, that means that I keep slamming into the same walls I warn others for. The same premature ending of ‘projects’ that should be finished for it to have effect.

So now I do the following:

I have found a planning document set that I will use to test if it works:

Free planners at

I didn’t take ONE planner, no I choose to take all of them. And I will explain why, but first the package:

  • Individual Project Planner (one page per project)
  • Daily Habit Planner (one page per month – 5 habits)
  • Daily Productivity Heat Map (one page per day measured)
  • Monthly Momentum Planner (one page per month)
  • Weekly Momentum Planner (one page per week, should have 4 or 5 I guess)
  • Daily Momentum Planner (one page per day, should have approximately 31 or 21, in case of business change).
  • (Only in my private paper package, due to this blog) The Blog Post Calendar

Now, why do I include all this?

Because I want to see if this is a way to get good insight into why things fail, what insight I can get into it and how I can address it to improve it. I know habits take a bit of time to sink through the cognitive stage and emotional stage into the instinctive stage, so I hope using this paper work, instead of all the different ‘Apps’ I have tried for this, I will be able to track and improve.

Of course I added the last part, so I will make sure I have a ‘leverage’. I will need to update this blog to have keep track.

If you have questions (taking it, that someone will some day read this), ask away.