Base of DEI

DEI stands for Digital Evolutionary Intelligence.

The base of this starts at how the universe caused life (yes, please understand that religious thinking and superstitious wishes don’t really help in science). Life started at the point where an element of the universe started to self-replicate and its reaction to every interaction with the universe was to find ‘equilibrium’. This sounds like a lot of mumbojumbo, but I will explain a bit further.

It all started when I was reflecting on life and how we, humans, determined certain things. Especially ‘good’ and ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. See, these concepts are made by emotional evaluation. Emotional evaluation is the way an individual looks at the result of an event/action and how it impacts the chances for the individual or group he/she is concerned with. However, if we look at other mammals, like apes and other empathic social animals, we see that responses are often the same to specific events that we also have emotional responses to. But they do not decide to give it a label. This is also why only humans can create conceptualized language and naming of things. Likely other animals also are able to label objects or physical dangers, but they can not give something a conceptual naming. This because they lack the expansion of certain areas of the brain (frontal cortex, temporal lobes, etc). Humans are aware of ‘time’, because we have a larger memory ‘module’ than others. We are able to plan, because we (our body/nervous system) have developed the ability to recognize patterns and understand the possibility a pattern will return in the future and choose on the historical events what would be best beneficial response to it. But it didn’t start here. It all depends on the ability to survive. And as we named it survive, it all simply started with: A cell that dries out, dies out. A cell that adjust when in risk of dehydration, survives. A cell that responds to a threat, like something that causes its internal working to fail, will survive more likely. A cell that divides when resources cause its internal working to become a threat, is even more likely to survive, as its structure is now twice as strong for future risks.

The way DEI will look at intelligence, is going into the most basic of complexity that allows decisions (for more on this, read DTM on this site) and build from there. See, inorganic matter doesn’t have any decision process. It doesn’t respond, as there is no internal working that will cause it to respond. The forces of the universe (as far as we can tell) are effects of matter and energy on each other. Movement causes gravity, gravity causes shift in entropy. Everything seems to move towards an equilibrium, the maximum entropy (which is a misinterpretation. Many think it is maximum chaos, however, at maximum entropy, all elements/particles have a maximum distance which causes all effects of forces to cause it to hold position and nothing else to change).

If this project works out, it will result in a system that will work on both conventional digital systems as well will create a unsurpassed situation on (if they ever become real) quantum systems.