Mental Paradox


Why is the mind such a rigid thing, while it is flexible at the same time?

Why do we adher to refuted notions, yet will go to any length to fix a fantasy? Are we so afraid still of the fragility of our sub-conscious working, that we need to fight not only others, but ourselves as well?

There can be only one outcome, when battling ourselves. Lose.

There is no shame in losing, only in meaningless fighting. Because it tells the world about your understanding. fighting without meaning, means no reason, not thought, just animalistic fury to maim and kill. Regression to a state where you are not self aware anymore. A sort of #unenlightenement  . 

When we accept who we are, we don’t automatically accept to be that way. The way to change, is awareness.

”Life is response. Life is adapting to stimuli. Life is adjusting. Life is learning when aware of something, what to do.

Once we feel we must battle, ourselves, others, we are not learning anymore. 

But how do I stop fighting myself, I don’t like me?

Accept who you are and guide yourself to who you want to be. 

Corporate psychology and civil psychology alike shows: Causing conflict by change, is stopping change.

Accept that change is difficult and find the rocky road of change, step and feel solid ground. When solid ground is found, step further. Don’t jump the stepstones. You have a chance you make it, but when pushed, you get back to the very beginning, not just a small solid step back. This is called Bagua.