The basics: A small description

The decision tree theory takes the following premises:
1. The brain and nerve system are evolved as a response system to protect the organism from dying.
2. The Claustrum is the center of all neural nodes and due to its place, houses the consciousness.
3. The Prefrontal Cortex is what causes the organism to be ‘self conscious’.

The model of decision trees, works around the build up of actual decisions depending on other decisions before them. As if the whole brain is molded into a ‘electronic’ circuitry AFTER each learning part gets added.

The results of how this relates to mental disorders etc will be explained in ‘The effects’.

The model starts a single node of decision. This is based in the initial blueprint of the biological organism (genetically inherited brainpatterns).
The brain is a network of nodes, which will respond to a certain amount of tension (like a resistor). The tension will result in a (current visualisation) sonar like result to the claustrum.
So, the autonomous vital functions don’t fall within the decision tree’s context. The initial ‘breath of life’ is caused by the initial functions of the body (compression of the chest and decompression, causing first breath), the heart cells are responding to electrical stimulation, so while the body is alive, the heart will receive electrical impulses.
The first decisions are ‘etched’ (fixed pathway for the (neural) electrical current to create a certain response from the stimulus) based on input received from all the senses. The body’s receptors are evolved to respond to the same impulses as it’s parent’s body, adapted to perhaps small differences which have influenced the parent’s body with heavy pain or fear (Emotional hard etching). This is why children start to learn from the moment the neural network reaches a certain level of completion.
Lets call this period (the womb based learning period) the blueprint etching. This means the period, where most of the learning is ‘testing’ the ‘ancestral’ learning or ‘genetic inherited’ brain pattern. Here the most basic of neural paths that the species/family parent brain has passed on, are most easily activated. These will be the initial decision root. From these initial markings, the rest of the tree is based on these response fixes.