The dawn of a bright day (working title)

The story of ‘Dawn of a bright day’, is actually a fantasy story. Currently it is planned to be an ongoing series, but the first story is finished and a small part of the second episode is started on. I am currently editing the story, which was created through extensive roleplay writing.

Basically Roleplay writing is nothing more than writing responses as one of the characters. Each writer takes one protagonist, or more and writes what happens with them. This often results in suprising events and pretty original content, but often it also adds a layer of missing context. As the writer of the character and having it respond to another character, makes the character in-depth, but many times misses the depicting of the environment around it.

In Dawn of a bright day, Rin and Asteria are the main protagonists. As always, the story start in a ‘running’ fashion, which I like. No description at forehand, the story starts in action. Blanks are filled in on the go. This always eases the roleplaying part, in my opinion.

Here is a short excerpt of the story as it currently is.

Asteria smiled with a nod, not showing her surprise.

I can hear you little light. What happened to you? Rin recollected the events and tried to bring the new world to Asteria slowly. With a glow on his cheeks he started.

I am Rin. I am a protector from the Dawn-world.
I am not sure what happened to me. It seems the shadows hit me with something, then I raced to reach you, but I lost consciousness. I think their poison took me out.

Rin almost yelled, so he didn’t need to use too much magic, which was draining fast it seemed. he assumed it was because of the fact that the light was not natural sunlight.

More to come later.