The effects: Results measurable with the model


The decision tree model/theory provides (in my opinion) a possibility to research what causes a person to emotional/cognitively fall into certain decision patterns.

One of the things I feel is best diagnosed and treated with the model for instance, is Multiple Personality Syndrome.

When the model is extended with the emotional/cognitive inheritance model (actually the ‘pre-conscious’ model) it also gives insights into the base of schizophrenia, and religiosity (which in my opinion are closely related, due to the ‘whisper’ effect.)

Explanation of effects with the model:

A quick example how MPS is explained by the model: The second personality mostly is a person who is fully functional regarding language and agility, but lacks ‘morals’ or decision that one makes depending on emotional results. This shows that in cases of sever trauma (mostly emotional trauma), the branch or sometimes a whole tree of a personality’s ethical/emotional decisions are ‘unrooted’. The new personality is a choice of the brain, to ignore the initial branch/tree results, meaning other parts of the brain will be used to ‘rewrite’ these choices. Hence the observed effects of a person with such trauma having less moral conflicts or regressing to childlike behavior. Why the person can alternate between the two branches, might have to do with the ‘mending’ of the mind, or the fact that the impulses are sent to both trees, but at certain moments will have more chances of initiating a result from the initial tree, instead of the new tree.

Using the model, it should be traceable by the amount of difference within the personalities, at which level the person has been traumatized. Ranging from Trust, to logical causality, to consistent rationalization.

Required research:

fMRI and high resolution scan of brain activity during different activities/active personalities.


During such scans, there will be a different level of activity in the brain, though these might be very close in neuron bundles (ie. Current technological resolution might fail to observe).