Wanna be right, or correct?

It has been several years now, that I have, talked, discussed, debated and fought theists of many sizes. Even agnosts and atheists. What?! Yes, even agnosts who call themselves such and wanted to claim that I could not prove the nonexistence of ignorance and as such it had to have a space in the mind of some obscured human. I strongly disagree. Why? Because we are all human and many if not most of us will be a parent eventually. We are supposed to make a better future for our offspring. Why? Because they are the legacy of humanity. If not for them, what then? Shouldn’t we teach them how we made mistakes and prevent the really lethal ones from being remade? Isn’t that what all species do? Alter the next generation, so they will survive changes?

Yes, I know, I get ahead of myself.

What this text is about, is simply: what do you gain by actual research. How much is your own brain capable of deducting and inducting regarding yourself and the world around you?

See, in the end, if you look really closely, a theists thinks the atheist, or evolutionist is taught information he/she recites. However, the atheist thinks the same about the creationist or theist. They just copy their text from a book and that is it. So….how do you get beyond this point? Well, most simple solution, we throw all books, all knowledge gathered by humanity, whether accepted by some and/or all, out the window and sit together and see how you can still get to some point of reference, without…..reference.

So, consider this:

You and I sit down on a beach. We are to look at things around us and see if we can make a timeline and by deductive/inductive reasoning (that which makes most of the human mind) come to a mutual conclusion.